Hi! I‘m Amy.

I help businesses define, streamline and document their processes to ensure ​maximum efficiency and provide a solid foundation for growth and transition

What I do

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Analyze your current ​or new processes to ​identify actual or ​potential inefficiencies ​and redundancies

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Provide insight about ​how to best streamline ​your processes for ​maximum efficiency

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Develop detailed digital ​Standard Operating ​Procedures (SOP’s) to ​ensure your processes are ​thoroughly documented ​and easily accessible

Streamlining and documenting your processes provides:

  • Uniformity in how tasks are carried out by employees
  • Seamless onboarding experience for new employees
  • A firm foundation to accommodate expansions and acquisitions
  • Anchor for performance metrics and employee evaluations
  • Relevant reference materials when challenges arise
  • Increased visibility into process adherence
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  • Mitigated risk of fraudulent activities

About Me

With a successful track record leading customer service ​teams and refining workflows for businesses ranging from ​small startups to large corporations, I bring a wealth of ​experience to the table.

Let's collaborate to enhance your processes and develop ​strategies that will eliminate waste to improve your bottom ​line and propel your business forward!

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